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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.


This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

Tortazo was a shock video released in November 2018 by YouTuber Martías Ignacio Vera Oyarzo (Peluchin Entertainment), who is notorious for his videos displaying animal abuse towards cats.

The Video

Mi gatito Jason de beb
The cat that was later tortured in the video.

The video, which shows Martías's head blurred out (a version where his head is not blurred is currently lost), starts by Martías violently grabbing his cat, Jason, by its limbs and by its fur; annotations appear that read "Antes de que muriera mi gato, mi gato tenía dos patas casí muertas (Before I kill my cat, my cat had two broken limbs)." Martías then continues to shove his cat around on the ground and step on it; more annotations then show up, "Mi gato en este momento tenía la cola muy herida, un poco arrancada (My cat now has a very wounded tail; it's a little bit dislodged too)." Martías then kicks Jason like a football onto the couch. Once on the couch, Martías grabs a wooden kitchen spoon and starts whacking the cat with this; the video then ends.

Other videos released by Martías show him suffocating Jason with cat food[1] and Matías putting his cat in a dirty toilet.[2]


After this video was released, petitions were released to ban Peluchin Entertainment's channel.[3][4] Users on Twitter also asked YouTube to ban the channel, however, YouTube did not clearly answer the question.[5] In English, YouTuber TheQuartering posted a video on YouTube and BitChute titled "Ban This Channel & Call Police @TeamYouTube," where TheQuartering reported on the incident and called for YouTube to ban the channel; the video got over 400k views on YouTube.

Matias' channel would come onto the spotlight again in 2020 when another popular YouTuber by the name of Penguinz0 uploaded a video named "YouTubers Killing Their Cats" on September 1 of that year, which discussed Martías's channel's prevalence and endurance, and how he inspired other YouTubers to upload videos of them performing acts of animal abuse, particularly cats, and YouTube's inaction of the channel.

Adopté Nuevos Gatos

After the indecent, Martías released a video about him adopting new cats as well as about the incedent.

Transcript (Spanish):
Musica de 3pm de Animal Crossing New Leaf está sonando.

Antes de empezar, quiero decir que no soy negro o moreno como algunos piensan.

Lo digo porque algunos los dice los comentarios y lo quiero decir porque la lámpara [Inaudible] tiene como un tono amarillento. *toca un máscara dos veces* Ejemplo es la máscara, será amarilla pero es blanca.

  • Martías se pone un foto con el luz del sol

[Inaudible]... donde con la luz del sol y no con la lámpara.

Empazando yo con un video con te...

Translation (English):
3 pm music from Animal Crossing New Leaf is playing.

Before I begin, I want to say that I am not black or brown as some people think.

I say this because some comments are said and I want to say it because the lamp [Inaudible] has a yellowish tone. * touches a mask twice * Example is the mask, it will be yellow but it is white.

  • Martías takes a photo with the sunlight

[Inaudible] ... where with sunlight and not with the lamp.

Beginning with a video with tea ...


The first two liveleak links are currently dead due to the service shutting down.

  1. Matías suffocating his cat
  2. Matías putting his cat in a dirty toilet.


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!



Anonymous #1

15 months ago
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He himself is a shock site


13 months ago
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i hope his cunt should die in hell


12 months ago
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Good idea!


12 months ago
Score 9++
Reply to Screamer1234: yep he deserves to fucking die, first he torture his animals when his video doesnt get popular enough then he abuses his family and he attempted to kill his little brother and sexualize his female classmates, he has done more than LUKA and that Omegle cat bitch


10 months ago
Score 6++

Guys, I searched up Matias Oyarzo, went to images, and look what I found.


Anonymous #2

one month ago
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This guy does NOT deserve to have a YouTube channel!
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