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The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

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Timothy George Amoroso, also nicknamed Tim Win, is a middle-aged zoo sadist known for torturing, raping, murdering, and defiling countless animals over the last 30 years from Washington, while producing zoophile and zoo sadist porn of said subject matter as well.

Timothy has been an active sexual sadist, zoophile, and allegedly non-offending pedophile for over thirty years. Currently operating out of the town of Winlock in Washington State, he has produced, filmed, edited, and distributed hours upon hours of bestiality and zoo sadist videos and photographs.

He also participates in a graphic zoo sadist group chat on Telegram called "Beasty Beast Beasts".[1][2]


  • YLYM Dark Forest - The footage of a black Labrador retriever getting its paws broken violently by some pliers and stapled shut on the eyes, skull, and around its genitalia area while being raped with different objects such as a sex toy and a wooden rod. The dog ends up getting impaled alive by the wooden rod, from its rectum to its mouth. The video was recorded in 2010.
  • Hung Bitch - The footage takes place in the forest, where the naked man (whose face was blurred) used his hand to rape a German Shepherd dog while it was hanging from a tree until it dies. The video's wordmark suggests that the incident took place in 1998. (The footage also appears in MDPOPE 3.)
  • Zoo Snuff - The footage records the naked man sitting on a chair and facing the camera. He took the pup and strangles it, then cuts a hole in its gut and sodomized the hole. He pulls some of its intestines out and then finishes on its face. When thrown into a sink with running water, the dying pup struggles to get up and flee.
  • Easy to Open - The footage of a man outside with a white female pup on top of a cardboard mat. The man uses double dildos to violently rape the pup in both its rectum and vagina until it starts bleeding, then stretches its mutilated orifices out with his fingers to show the damage. The scene cuts to the man with no pants on and starts raping the puppy. The video finally cuts to the dead pup, who was already disemboweled and its abdomen was opened, and the man throws its body off-screen. The video was 9 minutes long.
  • Gushie - The footage was 23 minutes long and recorded in September 2012, taking place inside the man's house. The man wears black gloves and spreads lube behind the black-and-white pup, which has a small rope/string around its neck. The scene cuts to the man, who is no longer wearing gloves, wrapping duct tape around the pup's muzzle to shut its mouth. The same two dildos seen from the "Easy to Open" footage are being used to sodomize the pup in the same fashion as the other one. However, what happens next during this torture was different. The man also brought two much larger dildos along with him. Later, he takes the tape and rope/string off of the pup, then uses a large knife to slice under the pup's tail, and impales one of the larger dildos into the wound area, causing heavier bleeding. The man takes the large knife again and disembowels the puppy in the chest, and takes the large dildo out from where it was inserted. Next, he dismembers the pup's right front leg and slices off its right ear, and shoves the severed limb into the pup's mouth. While the pup is dying, the man uses his hands to play with the pup's guts, before using one larger dildo to thrust into the guts, followed by the dismembered limb and leaves it laying on top of the guts. The pup is still barely alive with its leg twitching. The footage ends with the man dropping the pup's remains into a black garbage bag. (The footage also appears in the shock mixtape "Scream, Bitch!".)
  • Coki - The footage of a hanging pup getting lifted and dropped down a few times, before getting stuffed with dildos.
  • Earth Day 2017 - The footage of the man holding down and raping the baby lamb on the grass with his fingers and dildos until the rectum is torn and bleeding. The man penetrates it and ejaculates inside it. The scene displays the text "For Gaia", and cuts to the man slitting the lamb's throat and draining its blood onto the grass.
  • Biggie -
  • Batfuck - The footage of a dog getting shoved inside by a baseball bat.
  • Laker's Day




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