The Gmod Castle Calamity

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This article contains spoilers!
Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the screamer mentioned in the title or description. If you have not yet experienced the material and wish to avoid spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution or refrain from reading until you have done so.

Gmod Castle Calamity was a collaborative project among Garry’s Mod animators, who created animations in Garry's Mod based on the "Castle Calamity" series of videos. The collaboration was uploaded by Crispy Toast. One of the entries in the collaboration was created by a Gmod animator known as KayLegendZ, which contained a screamer.

In KayLegendZ's entry, which was the 62nd in the series, Mario is shown looking at a P Switch and then diving onto it. Suddenly, a Mario head with its mouth wide open and eyes distorted appears from the background, dropping a baby prop model from its mouth. After dropping the baby, the Mario head disappears. Mario gets up and looks at the baby doll, but suddenly, the baby doll appears right in front of the screen, shaking up and down with flashing lights, accompanied by the same scream from The Maze. After the screamer, Mario's body disappears, leaving only his hat behind with yellow liquid underneath it. The video then continues playing as normal.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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