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Tech : Secret iPhone Feature is a screamer uploaded by the YouTube user Alfred DiBlasi (adiblasi) on October 31, 2007.

The video starts with Alfred talking to the camera, saying that he found a hidden feature/easter egg in the then-new iPhone that no one else had noticed. He tells the viewer the steps to unlock the new feature: first, double-tap the space below the icons with two fingers, then wait two seconds, then repeat the first step again.

Next, he demonstrates these steps to the viewer, telling them to carefully watch the spaces between the app icons. Then at 1:32, a warped version of Alfred's face suddenly appears, while multiple screams (including K-fee, a woman's scream, and a Wilhelm scream) play overlaid with a bizarre synthesized sound (like a cross between a thunderstorm and a metal gate) that continues through the end screen. The video ends with text telling the viewer to "Enjoy a Safe Halloween 2007", along with a warning not to drink and drive and to not "spoil the surprise" for other viewers.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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