THE HAUNTED ANT FARM (Halloween Special)

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THE HAUNTED ANT FARM (Halloween Special) is a screamer video made by the, ironically, Filipino channel, AntsCanada (Mikey Bustos) on October 28th, 2017.

The video is a normal AntsCanada video, talking about this ant-hill so-called: "The Haunted Ant Farm", After 10 minutes, Regan MacNeil appears with a loud, echoing scream, Mikey Bustos stated: "this video recaps why I feel my ant farm terrarium is haunted by the ghost of my bearded dragon who used to live in this tank. Every attempt to reinhabit the terrarium ended up failing somehow due to some very unforseen and unlucky, and oddly scary circumstances. Ants died, escaped, and even an ant-eating snake appeared out of nowhere!"

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!


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