Subliminal Messages. THIS IS A SCREAMER!

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For other screamers named "Subliminal Message" or "Hidden Message", see the Disambiguation Page.

Sublimblal Messages is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user Andrethegiant2008. It was first uploaded on June 26, 2008, Unlike most subliminal message screamers, the scare appears at the very end, rather than within the "Messages".

The video immediately warns the viewer that the video contains a screamer. After this goes away, the video starts. Throughout the video, "I Remember Larry" by Weird Al Yankovic plays. The first image shows a black and white portrait of four flowers that appears to reveal the words "S E X". The way it's drawn can make people assume they're getting it on, The second image is ripped directly from Subliminal Music and Images, which is the ad for gin. However, the answer isn't given in this version. and the third image is the back of some footballers' jerseys. The names from left to right are "Moore, Goode, and Dick", which can bring a certain explicit phrase to mind.

The fourth and last image depicts a portrait of a rocky seaside. The rocks may seem to some viewers to be similar to human figures doing explicit acts.

After, the credits roll. After they and the song finish, text saying "Now, as promised...." scrolls slowly up. Just then, the screen cuts to white and we're left with dead silence for about six seconds. As the video is sticking true to its title, the last few seconds has the face from What's Wrong? pop up with a silly screaming sound.


Creator's Response

The original creator's comment on the video. From the original FANDOM.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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