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Solid Sharkey's Polybius Page is a screamer subpage that exists until 2013 by Solid Sharkey, it was created in around October 2003 during the Polybius creepypasta trend, it was also linked to Sharkey's main/index page, with a text stating: "Ever hear of that game that induced amnesia and caused kids to wake up in the night screaming for no reason? Neither had I, until someone emailed me asking for a copy of the ROM."

When accessing the page, The text:. The picture that says "Polybius" near the top of the article is an animation of a Zombie from Fatal Frame, along with a loud scream, in addition, the site provides some information summarizing the story of an urban arcade game: "Polybius" expect for one part that states: "Interrupting the game with a screaming horror like the one on the top of this page (which probably just cost me a few friends.)"

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NOTE: The following website contains a screamer!


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one month ago
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That zombie scared the hell outta me.😰
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