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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided.

Skinny Dipping was a shock site made in 2000 by an unknown creator. The site was taken down around 2014, but the page can still be found on the Wayback Machine. The site also features blue text saying "Mmm, mmm mm.", with pornographic content below the text. If the viewer scrolls down to the bottom, there is text saying, "Good thing I don't have a .mov of this."

Images featured

  • An image of a overly obese naked man and woman at the bottom of a pool.
  • An image of a man and a woman. This image shows their butt.
  • An image of the same man and woman but the man is using a fishing net in the image.
  • An image of the same man and woman having sex.
  • The same as the first image featured.
  • An image of the woman opening her vagina.
  • The same as the past photo, this time in the position of penetration.


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornographic images!




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