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There are many templates in use in Screamer Wiki; these are only a subset, representing some of the most important and commonly used ones. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it.

Wiki templates provide a means to insert the same content over and over in different (or the same) pages. This saves editors the hassle of duplicating the same text again and again, and also helps ensure consistency, if you were looking for the templates like: "Stub" or "Cleanup", they are called: "Notice Templates", its a template that can commonly appear on articles, those templates notes the article.

Templates are generally shown with the format required to use the template (e.g. {{delete}}). Clicking the template name takes you to the template's page, where you can see what it looks like and how it is used, you can create a template (unless you have the administrator's permission to create one.) by creating with a name like this: "Template:(Name here)" and add some content, then, after creating one, now add the code: {{"The name of the Template"}} at the beginning of some pages and it will show the content.

  • Category:Templates should cover all templates in the wiki.
  • The Template namespace (found from Special:AllPages) always has all templates in the wiki, sorted alphanumerically.

Detailed instructions on the usage of each template should exist on:

General templates

Here's all of the general templates listed here.


  • A Template notes that the article needs to expand more informations.


  • A Template that notes the article about the screamer website which has since been closed.

Cleanup Needed

  • A Template that notes the article contains issues, you can add some reasons on the template by doing this: {{Cleanup|"Issue here"}}.


  • Not a notice template nor template, this one can be found on one of notice templates, this one explains the usage of its following template.

Under Construction

  • A Template that notes that the article is under construction and more information, not to be confused with "stub", in comparison, this one states that the article is unfinished.

Candidate for Deletion

  • This template nominates an article for deletion, you may find some pages here.

Disambiguation Page

  • If you have several articles that have similar or identical names, you may wish to create a "disambiguation" page at the main article name, with the articles taking an extra phrase in brackets afterwards. For example:
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