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Scary Maze Game 100 is a flash game that was published on in 2013.

Similar to its predecessor, The Maze, this game requires players to guide a green dot through a challenging maze filled with foreboding black and red walls. Any contact with these walls will result in the player being sent back to the instructions menu, forcing them to start over.

The game's ambiance shifts as players progress. While the first and final levels feature a somber black background, level 2 presents a darker shade of red, intensifying the unsettling atmosphere.

However, as players approach the end of the third level, a startling occurrence awaits them. Suddenly, a disturbing image of a woman's face, skillfully edited onto an old photograph, unexpectedly appears on the screen. Accompanying this unsettling visual is a looped audio clip of a bone-chilling scream, reminiscent of the one heard in The Maze.


Showcase Video


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!




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