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Pink Rabbit (ももいろうさぎ) is a screamer Vocaloid video that was produced by HealingP. It was featured by Kagamine Len.

The video starts with an image of a real-life rabbit in its natural state. However, it undergoes a transition into a peculiar, eerie filter while a haunting song plays in the background. The scene then shifts to a white background with pink text displayed as "ももいろうさぎ" (The pink rabbit). The video proceeds with a surreal drawn image of a pink rabbit.

Subsequently, a disturbing sequence appears, featuring a creepy, blood-stained pink rabbit with a disturbingly twisted and inverted color filter. Red, bloody text overlays the screen as the music takes on a distorted and eerie tone. The video then returns to its regular state for a brief moment before briefly flipping the screen upside down.

The unsettling imagery returns with intermittent flips in and out, accompanied by distorted music and disturbing flashes of various unsettling scenes: a mangled corpse, a creepy-looking baby, a black and white portrait of a man, and a two-headed creature with distorted limbs. The video then transitions to a black and white filtered upside-down image.

It once again returns to a normal presentation, with the screen zooming in on the pink rabbit. Unexpectedly, the rabbit's image takes on a sinister smile, with blood on its face, followed by a shrill shriek before the video concludes.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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