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PFA: Touhou 7 - Doll Judgement | 6.7 Million Notes! | Black MIDI is a screamer video uploaded by EpreTroll, a popular MIDI creator with over 250k subscribers, on April 4th, 2014. The video is disguised as an impressively large Black MIDI of the song Doll Judgement from the game Touhou 7. It has garnered only around 8 thousand views as of June 2021, with a decently low like to dislike ratio. The video's length stands at 3:48.

The video starts off normally, with a title displaying the text "EpreTroll presents...". This is followed shortly by the beginning of a simplistic MIDI file of the song noted in the title, displayed using a software named "Piano from Above". 29 seconds in, right when the screen scrolls up to reveal the so-called "black" part of the MIDI, a very fast flurry of red-tinted stock photos of women smiling appears, cross-fading into the flashing image of Jeff the Killer used in Anne.jpg. At the same time, a mixture of the "screaming sheep" sound and the Anne.jpg sound plays loudly, with distortion effects added. This lasts for about 15 seconds, at which point the screen turns black for around two and a half minutes - the goal of this being to extend the video to make it look less suspicious. The video used to have an annotation displaying the text "KISS ME!!!" which was pointing to the screamer.

The description humorously adds a "download link" to the Black MIDI, which is actually a shortened link leading to, another screamer and mirror of Anne.jpg.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer and flashing lights!


Sound effects

VOLUME WARNING: Contains loud noises!




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