O g a b u g a

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O g a b u g a

o g a b u g a is a poorly-made screamer video by Nicolasgamer134 2 (also known as Sara Regina).

The video is created with "Perfect Video" (the watermark is shown due to the creator using a free version), a video editor which is created especially for iOS. In the video, the picture from Teletoon at Night Bumper is shown along with the iPhone-recorded audio of the creator smashing the iPhone into the table, obviously. At 0:04, the audio gets a short pause. Then, at 0:05, the image begins to zoom slowly with the deep breath playing on the audio. Then the image heavily zooms and minimizes with the loud scream at 0:06, just like the other poorly-made screamer videos.

The creator of the video uploades meme videos from both main channel called "Nicolasgamer134 Da Silva Machado" and the sub channel called "Nicolasgamer134 2". The video is uploaded from the sub channel.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=OhaNjcL5Sdc