How to avoid screamers

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How to avoid screamers is a screamer video made by YouTube user itachibrolly. It's an another screamer that fakes being an anti-screamer video on how to not encounter them.

According to the beginning and end credits, this video is a remake of an actual screamer avoidance video by user TakumiIshikawa with one snuck in.

The intro plays with the Pink Panther theme in the background. Then, Takumi's video begins with a couple of tips calling out Jeremy Winterrowd for scaring kids with The Maze. He then shows an example of a "spot the difference" screamer, with a faux screamer after it. Just when the next tip is to be revealed, a vampire woman cuts the video off with a loud scream.

In both videos, "Noots" by Sum 41 plays during the tips.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • Original with no screamer:



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