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Hell On Kitty

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Hell On Kitty is a video by the animation YouTuber TwistedGrim. Not only is the video a black comedy satire on Hello Kitty, but it also contains a secret screamer at the tail end of the video.

The video begins with Hello Kitty waking up and walking to the bathroom, where she gets out a toothbrush. Remembering that she has no mouth, she throws the brush away and goes outside. Kitty walks through a field and encounters two other animals (a rabbit and a Keroppi-like frog) burning an ant with a magnifying glass. She attempts to call out to them, but her lack of mouth again makes her consider otherwise.

Later, Kitty is seen preparing a snack for herself and tries to take a bite from her sandwich, but again, nothing happens, now causing her to panic. She then tries to drink her glass of water only to spill it all over herself. She drops her food and faints, landing under the table. She starts to hyperventilate, but then starts struggling to breathe. She sees the phone and attempts to answer it, but remembering her crisis, falls back to the floor. Looking to her right, she sees a knife lying near her and gains a psychotic expression. She reaches for the knife before the scene cuts to black.

The credits then roll, and after, we see a small scene of the sandwich with a blood stained bite in it along with previews of the makers other animations. However, just when it seems like it's ending, a close-up of Kitty's face, now with yellow eyes and a large gaping hole for a mouth filled with sharp teeth, appears with a loud screech. Text appears on the image reading "Sorry for this".


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer.




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