Gta san andreas Super speed!!

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Gta san andreas Super speed!! is a screamer video created by Gianluca2127 on November 24, 2010. The video pretends how to show players how to do a super speed trick in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and the description, questo video vi mostrerà il trucco della super velocità!!! Ve lo mostriamo noi!! (this video will show you the super speed trick!!! We'll show you!!), continues with that theming.

The video starts by showing a clip of another unknown YouTube video in which the player is seen turning off the gravity. During this Gianluca2127 moves their mouse around a few times yet again showing the unknown video's progress bar. The text "Super speed" then flashes on the screen. Then, the video cuts to a clip of a car. An annotation with the text "Car speeds can be modified by editing handling.cfg, or you can use mods that contain modified handling.cfg" (from the original video) can be seen in the top left corner. The car then starts doing tricks and driving fast, but after a few tricks, Regan MacNeil pops up along with the creator's scream.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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