GTA: San Andreas: Leatherface in Shady Creeks

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GTA: San Andreas: Leatherface in Shady Creeks is a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas screamer video uploaded by 666DevilDog666 on April 29, 2007.

The video starts off with CJ wandering around the forest (Shady Creeks) in foggy weather. He first enters the wooden house and then wanders around the forest with his gun pointing. At 0:54, for just a split second, CJ finds a homeless man located in the forest. This same homeless man immediately becomes the screamer, with the camera having a closer look at him and loud rock metal music playing in the background featuring a man (singer) screaming.

After the screamer ends, a random video appears of a grandma kicking her grandson into the air. In the end, the text "OWNED!" appears, An alternative version exists (not uploaded by the same creator). where the footage is only of CJ in the forest, the image is different, and the scream is edited to be distorted.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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