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Bigfoot of San Andreas is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user Hey There (formerly TomAss1212) on August 14, 2006. It centers around a popular gaming myth concerning a secret Bigfoot that can be found in Rockstar Games' GTA San Andreas. However, it is not an ordinary GTA Let's Play video as it ends with an iconic screamer.

The video would eventually inspire another screamer titled Mysteries, GTA San Andreas: Bigfoot PS2, which is similar to the former.

The video starts with text on a black screen saying that Bigfoot can be founded at the said game's location. Afterward, it cuts to CJ running around in Back O' Beyond at dusk for 44 seconds. Eventually, he stops, and the zombie from the K-fee commercials appears with the same scream from said commercial. After that comes a text roll saying "Bigfoot Found! Did you get scared?" along with end credits.


TomAss1212, now known as "Hey There" is a YouTuber who currently has 17 subscribers. The majority of the content on the channel comprises weird animations done on Microsoft Paint. Although the channel has remained inactive with the last video posted in 2007, "Bigfoot of San Andreas" remains the most viewed video with over 92K views.

As for the video itself. it was made using Windows Movie Maker as indicated by the title card. It is a recording of the popular game GTA San Andreas which revolves around the main character, CJ, performing missions related to gang violence, such as drug dealing.

As the game was quickly rising in popularity, many myths started to pop up here and there that are usually related to secret entities supposedly hidden throughout the game. Of these entities, the most popular myth is simply referred to by many players as the "Bigfoot Myth." According to the myth, the well-known cryptid, Bigfoot, supposedly lurks within the countryside of San Andreas (which includes Back O' Beyond, Shady Cabin, and Mount Chiliad) where it will be hostile towards CJ should the player ever encounter it.

Due to the success of the myth within the GTA community, many videos were made in which people claimed that they caught and killed the elusive creature. Though, this is untrue as there is no Bigfoot in the game files (though people have created mods to convince gullible players into believing its existence). As such, this video was made to exploit the myth in a way that would scare any unsuspecting viewer who stumbles upon the video.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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