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Not to be confused with Folge den roten Punkt

Folge dem Punkt is a German screamer video, uploaded to YouTube by user oel148 on Jan 13th, 2009.

It starts off with a warning that it is not suitable for children or people with heart problems. After this, the video shows a red dot moving around in a gray circle, on a darker background. "Love Song" by Park Ki Young (from the 2006 film Duelists) is heard in the background. At 39 seconds, an old ghost woman pops up with a loud and compressed audio of Stan and Kyle from the adult animated sitcom South Park saying the iconic phrase: "Oh my god! They killed Kenny! You bastards!".

The video's title: "Folge dem Punkt" translates to "Follow the Dot". As of 2017, the video has gotten a million views.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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