Fastest Rapper In The World

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Fastest Rapper In The World
Maker: xplicitsk
Type: YouTube video
Release date: May 26th, 2007

Fastest Rapper In The World is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube video by xplicitsk on May 26th 2007.

In the video, the man was told to rap the sentences that was written on the paper given to him, and the judges was given a copy of the Declaration of Independence and they're going to try to follow along, in the bottom right corner, there is a "" watermark which stays on the screen for the duration of the video, the audio of the video was very low, making the viewer turn up their volume to hear it.

After a short second, the man now starts rapping, only to get interrupted by a Zombie on Auto from the K-fee commercials, in this particular video, the jumpscare repeats 5 times before cutting to a black screen while someone whispers: "Kfee......", ending the video, in the description, the creator tells that the sound quality is low quality, so the viewer was asked to turn up the volume if they want to.

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NOTE: The following videos contains a screamer!


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