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El Mal (Spanish for The Evil), is a Spanish-language screamer video created by latinamerican pirate DVD producer Producciónes Ralf (also commonly known as Fat Records), in 2004, which was originally included as one of the extras in their dedicated extra videos menu, in many pirated films that contained children-oriented content compilations, one of which for example, included Happy Feet, Flushed Away and The Ant Bully.

For years, the video used to be lost media, until in 2021, a recording by YouTube user wickedviscus was uploaded, and the DVD rip of the video was uploaded by user Raúl ,Místico, Contreras.

It begins with text warning that the following images could be scary for certain people, and then shows an annonymous man explaining with low-pitched voice, that while he was recording a disc, a voice inside him said, "DON'T BE PIRATE!!! DON'T BE PIRATE!!!", and warns that it "could happen to you as well", while the Tubular Bells from The Exorcist plays thoughout, and then proceeds to text telling the viewer to look closely as the song fades away, and goes to a footage of a messy room, which came from the .GIF screamer Blue.gif, so shortly after it tells the viewer to look at the door to see how it closes, the Kuntilinak pops up with an echoing woman scream, and then goes to a discourse from who happens to be the devil while scenes from many horror movies plays, although it has nothing to do with the screamer, and could be only related to the title.

The video could of have been created to show the viewers that making pirate DVDs is wrong, which is ironic due to it being created by a pirate producer and being included in said DVDs.


NOTE: The following video contain screamers!

  • Recording: youtube.com/watch?v=QFAwUoVYY14
  • DVD rip: youtube.com/watch?v=AkthCee5bXg



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