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Illusion Screamer
Illusion screamer clown.png
Are you eyes hurting yet?
Maker: Josier officiel
Type: YouTube video
Release date: 2018

illusion screamer clown is a french screamer video uploaded to YouTube by the user named josier officiel 13.

The video starts out by showing a black and white shapes zooming in and out, reffering to strobe illusion, accoumpanied by unnerving, creepy music, this spiral will go on after 28 seconds, until getting interrupted by a picture of Pennywise from IT, accoumpanied by the same scream from The Maze, There is another video similar to this, called "ESPIRAL", where it shows a rainbow spiral, only to get interrupted by the same picture of Pennywise, accoumpanied by girl moaning.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



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