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Draw a Piraka 1 is the first in a series of two Flash game screamers promoting Lego's line of Bionicle toys. It is a simple “Connect the dots” type of game, where the player can scribble freely using their mouse to draw the head of a Piraka (A villain from the Lego Bionicle franchise), which is outlined by 80 numbered dots on the screen.

The game does not actually keep track of where the player draws, so they are free to draw anything they like, even if they are ignoring the dots completely. Some text on the top left informs the viewer not-so-subtly that “This drawing is best experienced with your face close to the screen and the volume turned waaay up!”.

Once the player clicks near the fourth dot, a red Piraka head pops up with a roar and a flashing lights effect, right where the outline used to be. The drawing that the player may have made remains in place, however, potentially obscuring the screamer face. Moreover, the screamer only gets triggered if the player outright clicks the fourth dot, not when they simply move their cursor over it (regardless of whether the mouse button is held down or not), so it is quite possible that an unsuspecting player might not even encounter the screamer during a normal playthrough.

After the screamer, the Piraka logo appears with a song and some text saying: “The gang is on the loose (Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you)”, followed by a simple Game Over screen and button to restart the game. A sequel was made in the same year with a very similar premise, but different game mechanics.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights.

  • biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/gms/online/DrawAPiraka/Version1/DrawAPiraka.swf



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