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The screenshot of Draw a Piraka 2 gameplay.

Draw a Piraka 2 is the second screamer in a series of two promotional Flash games for Lego's Bionicle series. Like in the first game, the object is to draw a Piraka head by connecting dots, but unlike the original, this version has actual rules and a timer.


The instructions tell the player to turn up their volume and connect the dots before the timer runs out and that the game will be over if more than two dots are missed. The player then has to click a button to start the “test game”, where they are supposed to connect 35 dots within 45 seconds. While the first game allowed players to draw freely, they are supposed to directly click the dots in this version, which will automatically make a straight line appear. As it turns out, missing the dots will have no effect during this test game, contrary to what the instructions said. However, once the player reaches the 13th dot, regardless of how well they were doing before, a blue Piraka head will pop up with flashing lights and the same roar that was used in the first game. Then a white screen appears, saying “Got ya! This was a test. If you miss more than two dots the Piraka gets a little mad so be warned...”, with a button to start a “real game” now.

If the player chooses to play again, the game will work as expected this time, meaning that the 13th dot will now work like any other dot and the screamer will instead be triggered after three misclicks. It is therefore possible to actually beat the game now by successfully connecting the dots within the time limit and without missing more than twice. Winning the game will cause the screamer's face to appear without any screams or flashing lights, and a message saying “Congratulations! You've conquered the Piraka”. Letting the timer run out will only lead to a regular Game Over screen, without any screamers.


  • The numbers which trigger the screamers in both games, 4 and 13, are typically associated with misfortune in various cultures, so they were probably chosen intentionally. It is possible to bypass the screamer by letting the timer run out during the unwinnable test game, which will only lead to the regular Game Over screen with the button to replay the winnable real game instead. Clicking dots in the wrong order will not count as a misclick in the real game.
  • There is a different version of this game, where the player has to connect 69 dots instead, and the screamer will get triggered any time the player clicks the 10th dot. This dot is clickable right from the start this time, unlike the 13th dot from the other version's test game. There is no timer and misclicks will have no effect. This game does not include the option to replay a beatable version.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights!

  • to14.com/game.php?id=4d486a6284fc1
  • Alternate Version: biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/gms/online/DrawAPiraka/Version2/DrawAPiraka.swf



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