Don't you hate these kind of videos?

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Don't you hate these kind of videos? is a slightly self-aware screamer video, posted in late July of 2018 by Small Dam Productions.

The video starts off with moving footage of a field, filmed from an Amtrak passenger train's window. The camera soon begins to pan over, showing the inside of the train car. The footage zooms in on a sign about how the seat below it is reserved for parties of two. At about the 23 second mark, a frightening image of a young girl with an angry smile pops up, accompanied by a distorted scream.

The video was made by the highly obscure YouTube channel: "Small Dam Productions", and isn't the only video on his channel that features surprising jumpscares. The channel has an ongoing horror comedy series titled "My Terrifying Experience" in which every episode contains a traditional jumpscare! The jumpscares in those videos however, are intentionally comedic.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



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