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Don't Be Afraid is an episode of the National Geographic TV series Brain Games. It was the fourth episode of Season Two, originally airing on April 29, 2013. The episodes aim to do a popular science examination of the concept of fear, and how it plays into our perception of things.

The opening of the episode bears a close resemblance to the infamous K-fee commercials. It shows an on-ride video of a car going down a windy forest road, while the narrator challenges the viewer to count the street signs. A few seconds later, a zombie jumps up in the middle of the screen, accompanied by a loud, high-pitched scream. After that, the narrator says "Did we scare you? There's a good chance you just jumped back in your seat. But we're not just messing with you. The reaction you just had could actually save your life." After that, the introduction to the rest of the episode begins.

The screamer also re-appears right at the end of the episode; just before the credits. (from YouTube video Scariest Demon Face Ever!) after the host says: "The reaction you just had could actually save your life.",


NOTE: The following videos contains a screamer!

  • Original Version:
  • Spanish Version:



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