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Do NOT Watch This Video AT NIGHT

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Do NOT Watch This Video AT NIGHT is a challenge video made by YouTuber Dark Corners in 2016. It's very similar to "Try Not To Get Scared" in terms of style, but features largely different sources for the segments. A number of the segments contain jump scares.

Unlike "Try Not To Get Scared", the video starts off with a viewer discretion notice that warns that the video's content may not be suitable for some viewers. After this, the rules show up, which say that the lights must be off, that the viewer's headphones (or volume) must be cranked up, as well as no hiding in the comments section. Then, the video begins.

All Levels

Level 1 - Images

Simply put, it's a collection of images designed to scare/disturb the viewer or to imply subtly that something is off. Amongst the images featured are:

  • A pale face in an almost darkened room.
  • A ghost woman pressing her hands against a window on a door with her features somewhat blurred.
  • The Rake.
  • A swamp creature (the camera zooms into it).
  • Another ghost woman standing beside a tree.
  • A clown who's drowning in a pool of water.
  • An alleged image of a skunk ape.
  • A smiling, almost dazed-looking ghost woman looking out a window in an apartment.
  • A zombie-like man in a forest
  • An image of a baby with a dark shadowy figure behind him (it briefly zooms into the figure as we transition).
  • A dog-like skull peeking through a door.
  • An orange-faced person with missing eyes and nose. He is bleeding from the mouth, too.
  • A black and white picture of a man covered in a strange substance lying on the floor. On the wall next to him is a written message: "I AM IN HELL HELP ME" (taken from the movie Hellbound: Hellraiser 2)
  • A white creature in a suit (who resembles Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas) standing from afar in a dark room.
  • A black and white image of a Spazm Prop (a lifelike mental patient decoration for Halloween that even jitters; this very image was used for the creepypasta The Russian Sleep Experiment).
  • Yet another ghost woman crawling down a staircase.
  • A creepy looking woman standing at her open window, observing the view.

Throughout this, creepy ambient music plays and a camera flash acts as the transition, along with the occasional sound effects such as screams to go along with the images.

After this level is complete, the viewer will go to the next, which is:

Level 2 - …

As the name suggests, there are no visuals in this level, and the only thing there is what is either the sound of footsteps or knocking on a door that stops every now and again. After a while, a camera flash appears to signal that the level is complete (it can also be interpreted as the individual taking a picture of the viewer). Then, the viewer will find themselves at:

Level 3 - GIFS

Creepy GIFs and animations are featured here. They include:

  • A black and white scene of a clearly scared girl looking around an isolated room crying. In the background, what appears to be a man dressed in a double mask (one on his head and one on the face) sneaks up behind and prepares to slit his throat. Taken from the film The Poughkeepsie Tapes
  • A ghost girl doing a slow, stiff walk.
  • A man recording himself at night. When he turns the night vision on, however, there is a humanoid creature latched onto a tree behind him.
  • A small clip from the 2006 video "Possible Fallen Angel in Catalonia", where the supposed creature turns to face the camera crew when they get close enough.
  • A black and white scene of a young zombie boy inching closer to the screen.
  • Blood drips from the ceiling before the camera pans up to reveal the blood's owner: a white demon. Taken from the film Grave Encounters.
  • A woman driving her car at night. In the back, moonlight reveals a creature sitting in the back seat.
  • A car driving through a forest and past a fleshy humanoid on its hands and legs. The creature quickly backs off.
  • A small boy becoming demonic. From the Western horror film Dead Birds.
  • A teen girl doing a vlog until a shadow passes by in the doorway. Through her screen, she notices and goes to the hall to see the cause of it. Finding nothing, she tries to resume only for her camera to fall. She catches it in the nick of time and focuses it on her face. She backs up, only to bump into a ghost woman.
  • A Japanese schoolkid staring at their shaking hands, followed by looking up to their peers, who are demonic and freaky looking, implying that the student is hallucinating.
  • A little girl encountering a ghostly woman doing a delicate dance. When she looks at the ghost a second time, she charges at her quickly. As she dashes, quick wet footsteps are heard. Taken from the film Mama.
  • A large creature in the process of eating a woman who's in bed.
  • Another clip from Grave Encounters, with the same demon chasing the cameraman.
  • A dark face in a room. Its eyes are the only clear feature. It briefly appears again after the next clip.
  • Also from Dead Birds, a woman becoming monstrous.
  • Two girls in an empty building, looking visibly scared.
  • The ghost woman from Mama coming closer to the camera with each flash of the light.
  • A clip from the Daywalt Horror short Jack, with a little girl turning the crank on a jack-in-the-box while a creepy clown observes from her closet, clearly intending to kill her.
  • A CG animation of a grinning monster staring directly at the viewer.
  • A clip from the art film The Begotten, depicting a person on a chair spazzing while fluid leaks from their mouth.
  • A girl putting a flashlight in her mouth, revealing two fingers that emerge from her throat.
  • A smiling woman's face, taken from the Japanese film Zeiram.
  • A man trying to hide from a humanoid limping in the room.
  • A sleeping person being levitated by an unknown force.
  • And lastly, a creature looking into a mirror, appearing to moan sorrowfully.

Once the viewer gets past that, they will wind up at:

Level 4 - Videos

A group of creepy videos, a few containing jumpscares.

  • First, a camera searches through a swamp, only to encounter a non-moving woman.
  • In a dark room, a camera focuses on a figure moving in the halls. The camera turns to the right, then it turns back to come face to face with the figure, who resembles a bald man with a psychotic expression. The cameraman attempts to touch him to see if he's alive, which results in an attack.
  • The Real Demons Caught On Tape video.
  • The video where a guy encounters a ghost girl in his hall, who keeps changing position whenever he returns.
  • A scene from the film Ura Horra where a group of friends encounters a ghostly woman supposedly commit suicide by train. Unaware to them, she's still watching.
  • The video of a Russian man encountering what looks like a hunchbacked witch in the dirt terrain.

Level 5 - Jumpscare

Indeed, because as soon as the word "jumpscare" is revealed, a skull pops up accompanied with an extremely loud roaring sound. After that, the video asks the viewer to let the user know how far they made it in comments. The video ends on a long shot of a forest at night at a worm's eye view.


NOTE: The following video contain screamers and multiple frightening images!




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