Demmonic Ghost Caught on Tape 2

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Demmonic Ghost Caught on Tape 2 is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Finder Lurker. It is a sequel to the Demonic Ghost Caught on Tape (Circa. 2005) video, also uploaded by Finder Lurker. This video was created by Devin Millar, who runs the Finder Lurker channel along with his other horror-related media and his modern K-fee commercials.

The video begins by stating that the creators returned to the haunted house where a previous haunting took place in 2005. They found a camera in the hallway containing footage of more haunting. The video features high-pitched breathing and moaning noises, along with hands, faces, fingers, and glowing eyes in the same room as the original haunting. The entire footage is in night vision. Eventually, the footage shows high-pitched whispering as all the hands, faces, fingers, and eyes disappear. The video concludes with the narrator expressing disapproval of the events that occurred during their return to the house.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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