Care Bears! Cute!

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Care Bears! Cute!
Care Bears! Cute!.png
Maker: pwnxer
Type: YouTube video
Release date: March 12th, 2008

Care Bears! Cute is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by pwnxer on March 12, 2008.

The video starts with an intro of Care Bears Cute! with watermarked, When the intro ends, at which point the screen cuts into a dark background, with complete silence, However, this persist for 14 seconds, until a picture of a deformed, zombie man appears along with a loud scream, the description states that the video is "so cute :D" in addition, it also states that the "care bears have a dark side"


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



Anonymous #1

2 months ago
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"Deformed" my butt. XD

Anonymous #1

12 hours 23 minutes ago
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