Scary pop up that will make you SCREAM

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Scary pop up that will make you SCREAM...... is a screamer video uploaded by jvccruz16 on October 24th, 2010.

A black screen with a white text stating: "Look at this video and you will never sleep again...." shows up. It then fades away, and shows a slideshow of funny pictures. Throughout the video, Kevin MacLeod's "The Dread" is heard.

The first picture is the Limecat Meme. The second picture, is a small kitten, raising it's paws in front of a person holding a gun. The third picture, is a photoshopped picture, of a man squeezing his eyeballs all the way down his face, the fourth picture is a picture of two fat women in bikinis eating McDonald's fries out of a bag.

The women are putting the food into each other's mouths. The fifth picture is a tiger chasing a chicken. The sixth picture is an edited picture of the former American president George Bush, looking like a monkey with a cloud bubble with a banana on it, symbolizing him thinking of bananas, thus looking like a monkey. The seventh picture is a chipmunk surrounded by pigeons, eating a nut. After a couple of images, a still image of the screamer from the Scary Demon Face video appears, while a loud scream plays.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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