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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Bold Leadership 4 a Better World is a shock site created by unknown user. The site disguises itself as a tribute to George W. Bush. The site was created in January 15th, 2007.


When entered, the site would show a text dedicating about George W. Bush, however, when stayed there for 8 seconds, the site would redirect to Goatse, Bottleguy and Stretch



This page is dedicated to our bold leader, Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, the greatest President in American History (sorry, Reagan fans ;-)). President Bush is working hard to spread the light of freedom to all of the oppressed people in the world and to spread democracy at home and abroad. His bold leadership is making us safer everyday. THANK YOU PRESIDENT BUSH, YOU ARE THE BEST BY FAR!!!

Here is a great poem about our great leader!!

Patient and steady with all he must bear, Ready to meet every challenge with care, Easy in manner, yet solid as steel, Strong in his faith, refreshingly real. Isn't afraid to propose what is bold, Doesn't conform to the usual mould, Eyes that have foresight, for hindsight won't do, Never backs down when he sees what is true, Tells it all straight, and means it all too.

Going forward and knowing he's right, Even when doubted for why he would fight, Over and over he makes his case clear, Reaching to touch the ones who won't hear. Growing in strength he won't be unnerved, Ever assuring he'll stand by his word.

Wanting the world to join his firm stand,

Bracing for war, but praying for peace, Using his power so evil will cease, So much a leader and worthy of trust, Here stands a man who will do what he must.


NOTE: The following shock site contains graphic images!




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