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What was your first screamer?[edit | edit source]

  • ERBOHFanbckup2015 - What was your first screamer? Mine was Say It.
  • Sump - My first screamer was the Scary Maze game. I still remember exactly what happened even though it :happened over 7 years ago. I was just sitting there and my brother was like "hey man you gotta try this game :that just came out, it's super fun" and I was like "fine".
So he brought me to his room and he had his computer with the game open and he told me "try not to touch the ::walls!" and it looked like he was going to laugh.
So I failed like 10 times then when I got to the end I literally THREW my brother's laptop and ran downstairs. ::He was pissed off at me for damaging his computer but I was even more pissed off at him because I nearly got a ::heart attack.
And that was my first screamer.
  • Adminica Ayishik - The first Screamer I fell for was the anne.jpg site. I was on YouTube about two years ago (WITH THE VOLUME MAXIMIZED) and I accidentally clicked a link in the comments, which led me to the site with a seizure-inducing quickly flashing image of Jeff The Killer with an EXTREMELY loud scream. I didn't even know about Jeff at the time, but I couldn't get over it for MONTHS. It was SERIOUSLY terrifying.
  • ERBOHFanbckup2015 (reply to Asminica Ayishik) - So I failed like 10 times then when I got to the end I literally THREW my brother's laptop and ran downstairs, I thought you put that you threw his laptop down stairs. :D
  • Abinadabi - Mine was the K-fee ads. My cousin showed me when I was a little kid ;-;
  • ERBOHFanbckup2015 (reply to Abinadabi) - Which K-Fee advert was it?
  • Abinadabi - The famous one. The ghost car.
  • NodogonToontown - Microsoft Sam plays the Scary Maze. I felt cold for some reason.
  • ERBOHFanbckup2015 (reply to NodogonToowtoon) - 😕 OK.....
  • RagweedMarutaroLautaro - Scary Maze, obvius, and i used it to troll my cousins >:3 but my dads catch me
  • XxxEnemyGuyxxX - The maze.
  • Kianlolcat99 - Mines was The Maze.
  • Socoollogos - Mine was The Maze, followed a couple of years later by the K-fee car ad. Before the Maze, I had witnessed my mother falling victim to the Red Dot game.
  • GavinSlavin - Mine was the K-Fee car as well. I was like 7 or 8, maybe 9 and i see this video on this site called something like totlol or loltot. Anyway so I see this video called something like "Scarrrrry fun!" So I think ok i like scary stuff! Anyway I was traumatized for like a month.
  • Abinadabi - Wasn't this ERBOHFanbckup2015 the troll screamer nerd?
  • Socoollogos - Yes.
  • Abinadabi - ok, just to know if I was right :^)
  • Pipichy - My first screamer was actually from a mobile phone, I think it's called "The Chair" or something. It's pretty much like Ghost Caught on Tape, but isn't night vision, it was from a lit room, with some lightning going on the left. As soon as the chair moves, the scary face doesn't appear but as soon as it becomes faster, a ghost woman appears with an echoing scream.
  • Zeroxeon - My first one was a slightly different version of the "Zoeken" game. Got redirected to the site out of the blue and i thought it was a legitimate game. Didnt know anything about screamers at that time. However the version of Zoeken i played was very weird. It played some psychotic laughing along with a scream and i think the screamer image was different too. I searched for that version for hours to write it to this wiki but i never found it again.