Adult swim we’d like to see you try

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Adult swim we’d like to see you try is a screamer video uploaded by Youtube user Vic's Archives Palace. It is based on his fear of the K-fee commercials, and the fear that another user, JUSXTREME96 - Xtreme TV & VHS Archives: the, "We'd Like to See You Try" ident that served as the outro for the [adult swim] AcTN block, a block dedicated to anime dubs.

The video itself has two images that appear to be drawings on corroded drywall, one of a man with 3D glasses, and another, which is a giant sledgehammer, with the ident name below in red. The hammer eventually comes down on the man, knocking him off-screen, wherein his place is taken by a red starburst with, "OK!" on it.

The music used is, "Sure" by Benoit Raymond, In the screamer, the video plays as normal. However, moments after the hammer comes down, the zombie from the K-fee Auto commercial comes up from the bottom right and screams. The German K-fee commercial outro then proceeds to play.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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