A Crying Robot?!?

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

A Crying Robot?!? was a screamer video that was originally uploaded to iCarly.com on October 26, 2007. Though the original iCarly website has been taken down, a reupload of the video exists on YouTube.

The video begins with the character Spencer setting up his video camera, before coming in front of the camera to talk to the viewer. His robot sculpture can be seen in the background. Spencer talks about how if you look at the robot's eyes for 15 seconds, it will look like the robot is crying. He then moves out of the shot to zoom the camera in on the robot's face.

At 1:01, the shot suddenly cuts to Spencer screaming at the camera while frightening music plays in the background. Spencer then laughs and says "sorry if that scared you, but that was the point" before telling the viewer to share the video to their friends. The video ends with a stereotypical "scary" laugh and a screen reading "iGotcha courtesy of iCarly", with "iCarly" in the style of the show's logo and the preceding text in a white "bloody" font.


NOTE: The following videos contain screamers!

  • Original video: web.archive.org/web/20151222133419/www.icarly.com/iVideo/video_1572-a-crying-robot-10-check-this-out-if-you-stare-at-spencer-s-robot-sculpture-long-enough-it-cries/chan_2
  • Reupload: youtube.com/watch?v=BURaLBl5nO4



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