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The 7 Level Scary Maze Game is a flash screamer game created by Luiz Helder. Originally called "Labirinto" (Portuguese for "Maze"), the game was hosted on Helder's now-defunct games and animations website.

The first three levels of the game are identical to another screamer game called "The Maze" by Jeremy Winterrowd. However, in the third level of the 7 Level Scary Maze Game, players must right-click and click on the red checkpoint to reveal four additional hidden levels. It is commonly believed that holding down the mouse button can allow players to pass through walls, but this does not work and instead takes the player back to the main menu.

Level 4 consists of a long, narrow path across three corners. Level 5 introduces narrow, windy sections near the beginning and moving walls during the middle of the level. Level 6 is a narrower version of Level 2, with the back wall of the level slowly closing in on the player. The final level, Level 7, features an extremely short stretch of a very narrow path leading to the end of the game. Upon reaching the end of this level, players will will trigger the same screamer used in The Maze.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • fugly.com/flash/1013/7_Level_Scary_Maze_Game.html
  • Unofficial Cyan/English Version: mediafire.com/file/v6npbc98jd9dtaz/ScaryMaze7Blue.swf



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