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3 Unterschiede (German: 3 differences) is a screamer game made with Flash by the German humor website Lachmeister.de in July 2009.

This is one of the few games made by Lachmeister themselves, a website that usually provides links to games, videos, photos, etc. from other places on the internet. While the game is listed as a screamer on the website (referred to as a "Schocker" literally meaning "shocker"), a news announcement on the homepage at the date of its release simply described it as a home-made game, possibly tricking unsuspecting visitors into believing that they are about to play a legitimate flash game.

The premise of the game is very similar to Zoeken, which is one of the screamers also featured on Lachmeister.de, so it probably served as an inspiration.


The game features two photos of a building resembling a wooden sailing ship, and players are supposed to find three differences between the two pictures. Unlike many other screamers of this type, this game does include some differences to be found, but only two, which need to be clicked in the right picture – clicking the left produces no effect.

After about thirty seconds, a loud gunshot sound will be heard, and a picture of a puddle of blood will appear on the screen. Then, a black screen appears with menacing laughter in the background and a German text saying "More screamers and funny stuff at Lachmeister.de", with a clickable link to the homepage.

The ship-shaped building featured in the screamer appears to be a restaurant of the Sirius Beach 4-star hotel in Saints Constantine and Helena, Bulgaria.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • lachmeister.de/flashs/3Unterschiede/findedreiunterschiede.html



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