2 Guys 1 Hole

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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

2 Guys 1 Hole is a shock video made by a unknown creator.

The first time the video was uploaded to the site 2guys1hole.com, which is currently closed. In the 29-second video, we can see a man with a very dilated anus while a man in a black cap is giving him a fisting. The video is accompanied by an accelerated version of the song Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash. The video clip was very popular, which is why you can find many different reactions on YouTube. At the moment, it is unknown who the people in the video are.


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornography!

  • 2guys1hole.com
  • web.archive.org/web/20150219231035/bestshockers.com/2-guys-1-hole



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