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Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists, but links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or saved copy.

2 Friends 1 Fish was a shock video and website made in December 2014. The website contains a video of two young adult men in a lake forcing a large carp fish into performing fellatio on one of them. The website has since shut down.


The man receiving oral sex was believed to be a then-27-year-old singer named Florin Rada. However, Rada claimed otherwise and threatened lawsuits against Romanian television stations if they labeled the man in the video as him.

In 2014, The Metro published an article titled "Bizarre video of man having sex with fish goes viral," which claimed the video had circulated "hundreds of thousands of times". Several other news sites also published articles about the video, including The Daily Dot, Gawker and Pulse, and others.


NOTE: The following website contains pornographic content!

  • 2friends1fish.com
    • web.archive.org/web/20160313073322/2friends1fish.com



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