The Black Button

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The Black Button
You press it for 30 seconds, and something special will happen.
Maker: agora-phobia
Type: Flash game
Release date: 2006

The Black Button is a basic flash game, created by a user agora-phobia in 2006, originally hosted on Albino Blacksheep]].

The game is very simple, the objective of the game is to hold the button, the game measures the time of how long the player holds the button, after 5 seconds of holding, the player can see the score underneath, the time of the player holds the button, During the game, the game has no audio playing expect for the jumpscare part, every 5 seconds, the score increases to 5, and the text changes as well, all of the texts that appear in order: "Timer shows every 5 seconds", "Most people only last 30 seconds.", "I bet you won't last 30 seconds", "You can barely last 30 seconds", "So you made 25 seconds... Wow (Sarcasm)".

Most of the text that appears, is about the game being very difficult to reach 30 scores, but suddenly, when the player reaches 35, will result in a picture of a Joker with his mouth open, along with a low-quality scream, the image persists limitlessly and there is a button on the upper right corner leads back to the beginning.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!


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Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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The screamer is the Joker.
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