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ScaryMaze.io is an HTML5 game based on the infamous Scary Maze Game, developed by Terminarch Games on July 4th, 2018.

The gameplay itself is similar to the original Maze game by Jeremy Winterrowd. There is also a webcam feature that can be enabled upon loading the game, or disabled if not desired. The game first asks the player to beat its five levels, but like The Maze, there are only three levels.

When the player clicks start, creepy violin sounds play in the background as well as footsteps when the mouse is moved. The first two levels are identical to the original game, but the coloring is pink and there is fog in the background. Holding down the mouse to skip levels does not work in this screamer, and if the player touches the walls too many times, the same screamer will also be triggered.

At level 3, the player must first maneuver in a square pattern. Afterward, the path then gets narrow and bendy. Then, near the second curve of the narrow part, a skull pops up with a loud roar and then makes an evil laugh. Finally, the game goes to a screen showing the reaction picture taken by the webcam to be saved; if the webcam was disabled, the game instead shows a stock photo icon and an option to enable the webcam.


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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • scarymaze.io


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