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DEATHDEATHDEATHDEATH Curse (死死死死死 呪い, SHISHISHISHI Noroi) was a Japanese screamer website, registered on 2012, and hosted by Yamada, a Japanese male artist, The original screamer website has been replaced with a redirect to the main page which consist of paintings and artistic works.

When the webpage is opened, the page will be filled with the same picture of an old doll with her head tilted staring at the viewer, along with an extremely loud scream, noises, and a distorted scream. it selects all content on the page, the two sentences are "The curse has begun...huhuhuh..." (呪いは始まった・・・・・・ ククク) and "In 49 days you will...............................die" (四十九日後に...............................死ね).

Many people have concerned that the image can make them die in 49 days by just looking at it, that's what the text meant above, However, it is obvious that nothing happens when the 48 days passes.

It was also featured in "検索してはいけない言葉 Wiki" which translated as "Words that should not be searched Wiki", the article states that when the user types the character: "死" 32 times in the search bar, it will appear as the third result, the article also states that the screamer was replaced in 2013 (which is already described above.)[1]


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer!

  • Original website: web.archive.org/web/20121115102601/yakata3.web.fc2.com/p/noroi44.html



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