What's Wrong With This Picture? (Weasel Circus version)

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For other screamers named "What's Wrong With This Picture?", see the Disambiguation Page.

This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

What's Wrong With This Picture? was a clone/recreation of the infamous What's Wrong screamer from 2001, by the now defunct website Weasel Circus. The game begins with instructions to figure out what is wrong with the picture about to be shown, and offers a play button to begin.

Once the play button is clicked, it pans to a picture of a kitchen; naturally, there's nothing unusual about it; however, after 30 seconds, a loud, familiar scream (also heard in "You Will Not Believe How Deep This Hole Is!") plays, and the image abruptly changes to a closeup of Frankenstein's Monster as he appears on the front cover of the 1921 film of the same name.

The screamer then ends on a lighter note by stating: "Hope we didn't startle you too bad!"


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