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1 Lunatic 1 Icepick is a 15-minute shock video depicting the murder of a Chinese student, Jun Lin. This murder took place at the Décarie Boulevard apartment on May 24/25, 2020, where Lin was last seen in the apartment with the former Canadian porn-star Luka Magnotta, who is the perpetrator. The video depicts the corpse of Jun Lin being fatally stabbed with an "icepick" by Magnotta before being dismembered, also followed by acts of necrophilia.[1] A moment later, Luka uploaded a video of the murder incident, titled "1 Lunatic 1 Icepick", to a now-closed website[1] and also posted to YouTube.[2] The video contained necrophilia, murder, cannibalism and dismemberment.


Jun Lin (林俊) also known as Justin and Patrick (December 30, 1978 – May 24/25, 2012[3]), was a 33-year-old Canadian student born on December 30, 1978 on Wuhan, China.[4] Lin was enrolled as an undergraduate student at Concordia University,[5] for engineering and computer science.[4][6] Media outlets have mentioned that Lin had also been studying in Montreal since 2011, previously attending to Tyark College.[6] One of the classmates, Alexandra Afanase, had stated that "he was in computers, and he was looking for love." After passing his way through school, Lin worked at a corner store as a store clerk in Pointe-Saint-Charles,[5] located in the city of Montreal, where his reputation of being "trustworthy and reliable"[6] came into being. On May 1, 2012, he moved into Griffintown-area apartment with a roommate.[7]

Lin's sexuality was "gay",[4][8][9] and that he tried to hide it from his family for most of the time.[9] His sexuality had led him to fly into Canada, due to it being a "more liberal and accepting place".[4] Jun Lin had an account on the gay dating site Grindr.[8]

In 2009, Lin met his first boyfriend, Lin Feng (who was 35-years old at that time) in Beijing. Their relationship didn't start until they both lived in Shanghai in 2010.[10] Lin's relationship with Feng lasted "a year and a half", and they lived together in Montreal before his death.[9] On the same date that Lin's murder took place, he became concerned that he had not been "answering" his contacts, while he was on his vacation in Thailand. Their relationship was then broken up, because Lin felt pressured by his family to marry a woman.[9][10] In the Montreal court where Feng testified in Magnotta's trial, he stated, "He said, he was experiencing some pressure from his family and he was kind of obliged to enter into a relationship with a girl for eventual marriage. Feng also further confirmed that Lin "had been previously married and divorced."[9][10]

Lin's sexuality came into a connection with a self-stylized porn-star named Luka Magnotta, where he found him "through a Craigslist ad that offered sex and bondage."[11] A few days later, 4 friends of Lin went into his apartment and Lin was never found there.[12] Jun Lin was then reported missing on May 29.[13]

Jun Lin was cremated and his ashes were buried at Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery in Montreal.[14][15][16]


Magnotta with an icepick; photo taken 10 days before the murder.

The perpetrator, Luka Magnotta, planned the killing for 6 months to make a "movie out of it" before the incident happened, according to the government. An alleged email from Magnotta was sent to a journalist, indicating Lin’s murder "was planned and deliberate". Magnotta is said to have been diagnosed with mental illness, such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder, which led him to commit murder. Lin was not targeted in one point where Magnotta claimed that his victim was more of "a random factor to him."[17]

Pertaining to necrophilia, Magnotta once wrote a blog post, titled "Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta" on, where he wrote that of him "felling in love" with the corpse of a young man. A few days later, a YouTube user named "Alexis Valoranreich" (named after a falsely accused murder of JonBenét Ramsey) uploaded a video on May 15, 2012. The video is 1-minute long and features an image of Luka wearing a purple hoodie (to hide his face from view) holding a screwdriver (modified to be an icepick) in front of the Casablanca poster. The description falsely claimed that "1 Lunatic 1 Icepick" is found on the deep web. In a similar fashion to it, Luka promoted this film both on video-sharing and blog-posting sites.

Luka Magnotta and Jun Lin both have romantic interest in men. Lin met an advertisement for sex and bondage from Magnotta, and then went to his apartment on Décarie Boulevard in the evening of May 24, 2012.[1] After entering his apartment room, Lin was tied to a bed frame before being killed by having his throat slit by Magnotta. Lin's final appearance was caught on the surveillance camera at his apartment.[18] More information can be found on Investigation.

Shortly after, Magnotta uploaded a video, entitled "1 Lunatic, 1 Icepick" to a gore website,, which the website has become well-known for. However, some claimed that it originated from video-sharing on the deep web, as implied by the description of the said 1-minute video. After it was uploaded to Bestgore, many viewers tried to report the video, but the website owner, Mark Merek, refused to take it down. His actions in refusing to remove the video led to his arrest.[19][20]


The video begins with Jun Lin tied into a bed frame while being naked. This cuts into another part where he stabbed Jun Lin repeatedly, directly to the stomach. Magnotta then begins to show the body to the viewer, showing the holes made from the "stabs" and the head that has already had its throat slit, possibly knowing that he had already died before being stabbed. From here, he tried to cut off his left leg and left arm with a knife, before cutting off the flesh of his body and forcing a dark puppy to chew it. Magnotta performs a necrophilic act on the corpse, such as letting his arm masturbate himself and humping the corpse. Next, Magnotta sodomizes the bottle up the asshole. The final scene depicts Magnotta using Lin's severe arm to masturbate himself again.

The video used the 1987 song "True Faith" as the background music over the scene. This shock video is a reference to the film "American Psycho", where it has the plot of a blindfolded man getting killed with an icepick and knife; it also uses the same music used in the video.[21] The movie's name inspired Luka's alias "Canadian Psycho".

Additionally, some people also think that it's "an homage to Basic Instinct", as the video references to the first murder-sex scene of the movie, where it depicts a man tied to a bed frame with a white silk scarf before being strangled by the movie's antogonist, Catherine Tramell. The police who watched the video also "realize that it’s shot almost identical to the ice pick murder scene".[22] The antagonist also inspired Magnotta's alias, "Kirk Tramell". However, there are many instances that Magnotta used the "Catherine Tramell" name in some parts, such as choosing "Catherine" as his computer login.


Main Article: Luka Magnotta

Eric Clinton Kirk Newman now known as Luka Rocco Magnotta is the perpetrator of the incident. He was born on July 24, 1982, to parents Anna Yourkin and Donald Newman as one of the first three children. His father suffers from schizophrenia and his mother is a "true-crime-enthusiast" and a co-writer. His mother impregnated at age 16 and his father was furious, secretly moving into the father's parents basement. Magnotta grew up in the Peterborough and was homeschooled by his parents along with his brother. He had a tough childhood; to the point where he described his mother as "extreme manipulative". His parent's relationship ended after 15 years when Magnotta was just a teenager.

Magnotta began appearing in gay pornographic videos in 2003. In that year, Magnotta had schizophrenia due to the "result of drug use" like his father. Magnotta became well-known for being allegedly the person behind three videos, featuring the torture of four kittens in total, from 2010 to 2011.

Investigation, Timeline, and Manhunt


Further Information: International Manhunt of Luka Magnotta

Apartment investigation

The Décarie Boulevard apartment where Jun Lin was last seen. The picture shown here is the apartment now abandoned following Lin's murder.
The surveillance camera of the apartment, where Lin's final appearance (left) is depicted in the view.

Before 10 pm, Luka Magnotta first met Jun Lin at the metro station the night before he was able to enter his apartment, which Lin expected to the Craiglist ad from Magnotta: offering kinky sex and bondage. At 10:20 pm, Magnotta is seen holding the door open for Lin caught on the surveillance camera, before entering behind his guest. The last witness from the security cameras was Magnotta, leaving the room while wearing Lin Jun's shirt (supposedly his T-shirt was covered in blood). He spent hours of time taking out the trash. This was right after when Magnotta booked a round-trip plane ticket to Paris, scheduled to leave the following evening, and stored Lin's torso in his suitcase during the trip. Most of the time, he hides his face with his long, flowing dark hair to avoid being caught. He has also tried to avoid being caught by eating, talking, and saying that he was not "feeling well".[23][24] Magnotta stayed in a low-budget apartment in Berlin. He was then arrested a few days later by his friend after looking at a newspaper article about him committing the murder of Jun Lin while he was at the internet cafe in Berlin.

On May 25, 2012, The 58-year-old janitor, Mike Nadeau, saw Jun Lin's headless (and limbless) corpse in the locked suitcase in the garbage, which supposedly was left behind at Place Lucy in the apartment by Magnotta. Nadeau also found the torso inside from the smell in the suitcase at about 10 am on May 29, but it wasn't picked up that day due to the amount of garbage. After noticing what's inside, Nadeau immediately called the police, launching a frantic hunt, and then soon realized the video (as provided in the evidence) is a "legitimate snuff film". The police were able to confirm that these body parts belonged to a 30-year-old Asian male, who was later identified as Jun Lin, as the police confirmed they're the same body parts sent to Ottawa originated in Montreal.

The "2 Boys 1 Kitten" video also took place in the same apartment where Jun Lin was killed.[1]

After searching the scene, the police noticed that some of the items used in the video were piled in black plastic bags and thrown in the trash. Other miscellaneous stuff, that includes a dead black puppy (who was depicted in the video), a Casablanca poster, a wine bottle and some of Jun Lin's body parts, were also wrapped in several garbage bags. A person named Chantal Turmel took pictures of the scene in 5309 Place Lucy, Apartment 208, an apartment which Magnotta had been renting "for $490 per month" in June 1. The pictures featured blood stains on the bed mattress, refrigerator, floor, and the bathroom sink, possibly implying that Magnotta had tried hiding the body and materials into various places. There is a quote written in red ink that is inside the closet, saying: "If you dont like the reflection. Dont look in the mirror. I dont care [sic]".

Delivering and finding body parts

On May 29, 2012, a blood-stained package was delivered to the Conservative Party of Canada at 11:15 am. In it is a left foot, and has the heart symbol marked from the outside of the box, along with a note taunting Stephen Harper and Lauren Teskey. The police confirmed that it had been delivered to the headquarters, which are a few blocks away from Parliament Hill. In this case, the first officers who arrived on the scene opened the box and called the hazardous-material unit (HAZMAT), before it was confirmed to be an appendage inside. A few hours later, another package was delivered to the Ottawa Mail Processing Plant. This was addressed to the Liberal Party HQ and has been confirmed to have a left hand inside of it, with the fingertips cut. There's also (again) another note inside the package, reading: "You need to speak to Laureen Teskey and her family! Lots to hide!"

The fourth package has been sent to Conservative Party headquarters, containing a left foot and the note saying that all six body parts had been sent in the mail, and that the perpetrator would kill again. Later, two packages containing a right hand and right foot were both distributed to two separate schools, later confirming that these packages were sent from Montreal. However, the head still remained missing until it was found on the small edge of the Angrignon Park on July 1. It was only a few blocks away from Magnotta's apartment, just right before the janitor witnessed the headless corpse in his suitcase.

All of the body parts have been recovered and it matched to Jun Lin using DNS samples from his family.

Magnotta's arrest

When arrested by police, Magnotta took the blame on a person named Emmanuel "Manny" Lopez, who claimed that he was forced to do so. A defense psychiatrist, Joel Watts, researched Luka Magnotta, who in turn found that Magnotta had been talking about "Manny" for years. Magnotta shortly sent him an email "list of abuse from Manny," describing his inflict from Lopez. An attorney, Romeo Salta, claimed that Magnotta told him about Manny "a year and a half" before his murder. In the Don't F**k With Cats series, Salta mentioned that Manny " always there" and had "tortured him and forced him to do these things.". In one instance, "Manny" is an alias of the character from the movie Basic Instinct, which Magnotta's mother have noted that Magnotta had an obsession with the movie.


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