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On Late 2021, YouTube, along with Matt Koval (a.k.a The biggest cunt of 2021) also announced where they are notifying about an update where they will remove the dislike count to reduce harassment and bullying on that platform, making the bait-and-switch of YouTube screamers a bit effective.

While criticism is not harassment and bullying, However, at the end of November, this update was released, and it gained controversy from most people, and YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim due to how poorly thought it was that caused YouTube into a downward spiral by allowing trolls, pedophiles/MAPs, and even unhelpful people to run access this site.


The only way to avoid this update is to visit this website and get the extension on any browser. If your browser is not yet supported, try this script for any user script extensions. It will allow you to see the number of ratings, and you can even go back to the announcement video made by YouTube and see the ratio obliterating the likes.



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