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"What, You Egg? (He stabs him)" - Macbeth

Intro[edit | edit source]

hi im 'real' kfee gargole is my bestie

Fly 🚀 me to the moon 🌙, let me play 🤗😀 among the stars ⭐️🌟. Let me see👀 what spring🌧🌱 is like on Jupiter and Mars🚀🛸.

yeah i drink all of our coffee left over from the day

Random Stuff![edit | edit source]

am hyper while writing this yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I like...[edit | edit source]

Looney tunes

Animal Crossing


our fellow screamers

gacha life

marshmellow (Both the dj and the food)


sad songs

aint no mountain high enough - marvin gaye & tammi terrell subtitulada

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


I Dont Like...[edit | edit source]

being called batboy (dont call me batboy. at all. or you'll get bitten.)


that one half of the gacha community


The Masked Singer

Monkeys on their backs (screw that monkey-)

More Random Stuff[edit | edit source]

i am never bored, at all. Can dangle upside down

btw im on chromebook-

Zombies Links.[edit | edit source] (yes, i like popee too...) (My old cringy channel from YEARS AGO!) (What gave me my fame!) (My Fav Youtube Pooper. Clean But Hillarious!)

My Links![edit | edit source]

My Fav Person Here!:

Theme Songs: / / /

(Serious Note: This Is Zombie. I Forgot My Pass So Me And Gargole Are Sharing. Yes this is a roleplay acc.)

Guys, im coming out... im a Fictosexual Bisexual. (For wile e coyote..) i hope im still accepted!