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Quick Bio

Gender: Female

Age: 20+

Amateur Japanese translator. I also attempt to do translation editing for other languages. I am by no means an expert :]

Formatting Tips!


Put song titles, TV episode titles, YouTube video titles in quotes.

Put video game titles, movie titles, in italics.

  • People's names, the names of websites, etc. do not need be to italicized.

Japanese text and translations

Main pattern: Japanese text, (romanization, "translation")

  • あなたのうしろにいる (anata no ushiro ni iru, "I'm behind you")
  • みみさん2代目 (Mimi-san nidaime, "second generation Mimi")

Alternatively: English translation, (Japanese text, romanization)

  • Cat Ear Tribe (猫耳族, Nekomimi-zoku)
  • Heian period (平安時代, Heian jidai)


  • Is the "Chinese dog skinning" a screenshot from Animals skinned alive for fur trade?
    • Also, are they domestic dogs or raccoon dogs?
    • This question also applies to the "skinned Chinese dog" mentioned on the page.
  • What is the "final phase" that the website changed to in October 2020?

haha168 screamer and joke applications

List of Screamers from Atwiki

Yukan no Shonen dialogue

Hiragana puzzle: やあ!僕が踊ってる最中に出てくる、ひらがな十文字を並べ替えて、文章を作ってね。 ("Hello there! Make a sentence by rearranging the ten hiragana characters that appear while I'm dancing.")

Jan Ken Pon puzzle: やあ、また会ったね。 この動画のヒントに、下のパネルの謎を解いてね。行くよ!("Hello again! Use the hints from this video to solve the puzzle on the panel below. Let's go!")

Last Measure

Last Measure

Things that are unknown for now:

  • The difference between first_opener.swf and second_opener.swf. The files are available in the 4.1 .tar download, and you can view the code in a Flash decompiler such as JPEXS. I don't really understand the difference between the two and I would be very appreciative if someone could try and explain it. It also seems that a mirror only uses one of the SWFs at a time, not both.
  • The contents of lm.pdf and what Last Measure mirror it links to. Unfortunately, the file is not archived in the trollforge directory. While we know that it redirects to Last Measure, I don't know what specific URL or mirror that it points to.
  • There is a LastCoffee.class but the file isn't archived on the trollforge directory.
  • The actual creation date (or year) for Last Measure is difficult to determine. The mirror has archives going back to 2003. The site has a copyright year 2004. According to ED Last Measure emerged "circa September 2005". I've left it as 2003 to reflect the nero-online mirror.
    • Interestingly, one of the mirrors listed on the page goes back to 2002 ( It seems to be a precursor to Last Measure. It's similar in that it spawns windows containing Goatse, but that's about it.

Other notes:

  • If you download and extract any of the .tar files, your antivirus may flag index.php as malware. While the code it contains is malicious, the file itself is harmless and can be opened in programs such as Notepad.
  • You can test mirrors on sites such as Browserling or ANY.RUN. If you would like to test mirrors (or anything else really) on a VM, I recommend using the browser Pale Moon with Flash installed. You can find download links to Flash installers on Last Measure can be killed pretty easily via Task Manager, but if it's really out of control you might need to restart the VM. Last Measure utilizes malicious scripts but will not cause lasting harm to the machine.
  • File directory for Last Measure Live:
      • Not all of the download links were archived, but some files like index.php can be viewed.
  • "Behavior" section of the page is based on the mirror.
  • Included footnotes to explain various JavaScript events and other details, it may be too excessive but I think it would help the average person understand it better.
  • The stats chart compiled by Version 4.1 is too large to fit onto the page as an image, so I linked to it instead under the "Links" section.
  • mirror is down. I don't know if there's a new "current" mirror.
  • Apparently and the modern mirror ( are supposed to play audio clips but this does not seem to work, whether due to it being archived improperly or something else. Some of the other listed mirrors seem to have the audio clips embedded properly.
  • I don't know how to fix the extra space in the ModelessDialog code comment.
  • Many mirrors that I have listed are defunct, but I am including them because they are a part of the website's history and spread.
    • While all wildcard domains could be accessed by placing any word before the URL, all of these wildcard domains are now defunct. Putting [anything] in the wildcard space will not yield all saved instances of that domain in Wayback Machine. So, I listed common forms in which the wildcard domain URL was distributed. For example, and were two forms * was disseminated as, and have their own unique set of entries on Wayback Machine.
  • The source code currently linked on the "Last Measure" page is missing some code, namely the audio embed, "Lastmeasure last measure last-measure nero institute" text, CLICK ME button, and displaying pooped.jpg.
  • I don't understand code that well, so if there's something I missed or misinterpreted please leave a comment on the page. The downloads to 3.4.1 and 4.1 (and some files of Last Measure Live) are available, and you can view the source of any page by putting "view-source:" before the URL in either Firefox or Chrome. Warning that the .tar files contain shock images.

Screamer terminology in Japanese

  • ビックリ系の動画 (bikkuri kei no dōga) = screamer video
  • ビックリ系フラッシュ (bikkuri kei furasshu) = screamer flash
  • ビックリ系の画像 (bikkuri kei no gazō) or ビックリ画像 (bikkuri gazō) = screamer image
  • ブラクラ (burakura) = browser crasher (used to describe sites like Last Measure or You Are An Idiot)
  • ショックサイト (shokku saito) = shock site
  • グロ (guro) = refers to gore or any other gruesome or grotesque content
  • ビックリ (bikkuri) or ビックリ系 (bikkuri kei) = screamer

Bikkuri (ビックリ) is an onomatopoeic word that means surprise. It might also be written in the hiragana form びっくり.