Trick or Treat Voyeur

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Trick or Treat Voyeur, also known as Peeping Tom Candid was a screamer video created and uploaded by HauntsUSA on September 16, 2006.

The video is seemingly filmed by a peeping tom (or voyeur). Along with some saxophone music being played in the background. And the peeping tom is looking through the window, there is a blonde girl, that is walking out of the shower, in the bathroom. The peeping tom then walks away from that window and goes to another window. After a while of filming the girl, he then says, "Now take off the towel.", then suddenly a girl zombie pops up from underneath with the scream that is used in the K-fee commercials. The video switches to flashing orange and green text that says "We Dare To Scare.", before it transitions to an orange link to 3232Scream.


*Woman walks into room. She is looking into the mirror as she fiddles with something on her (possibly her hair)

Peeping Tom: Oh yeah. Oh, yeah yeah yeah..

Peeping Tom: Oh baby, take it off.

*Woman starts to take off clothes*

Peeping Tom: Yeah, that's right.

Peeping Tom: Niiice.

*Peeping Tom moves to another window as the woman walks close to the window he is watching from, but narrowly misses him*

Peeping Tom: Ohhh yeah.

Peeping Tom: Now take off the towel-

*A woman, possibly the same woman pops up in front of the window in green makeup and screams.*


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • Upscaled:
  • Trick or Treat Voyeur 2 (AKA Trick or Treat Peeping Tom 2):



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