The Watson-Scott Test

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This article contains spoilers!

The Watson-Scott Test is a 2018 screamer game disguised as a horror personality test, developed and published by Normal Wholesome Games. Its premise is for the player to discover their deepest fears through asking questions and hypotheticals. The game uses scary imagery, glitches and eerie sounds throughout its short runtime of 20 minutes. Deliberately unsettling questions are asked that allude to the player being stalked and killed in their own house while playing the game.

At the end of the game, a decaying man without a nose or mouth, the murderer the game alludes to, jumpscares the player twice with a loud scream.

The Second Test, unlocked after finishing the game, is a timed test with trick questions. The player gets jumpscared by the decaying man if they perform poorly.

The Steam page shows the jumpscare as the first image.


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