The Bloody Mary Test

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The Bloody Mary Test is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user jjwhockey on May 26, 2007.

The video starts out with a black screen, with its title written in red letters on top. The video itself begins right after: three boys in a bathroom recording themselves in night vision. The main theme from The Exorcist's 1973 movie adaptation plays all the way through to the screamer. They state their intention of summoning Bloody Mary, while talking to the camera: "some people think Bloody Mary is fake, but it's not, and we are gonna prove it."

After having one of the boys explain how the summoning process works, they get started on performing it. They complete all the steps, and direct the camera at the mirror again, with one of them shouting that the ritual worked. Immediately after, at the 1:02 minute mark, the video abruptly cuts to a photo of a black man with his eyes popping out and sticking his tongue a long way out, along with an unbelievably loud scream. The screamer is followed by a message, reading "HAHAHAHAHA YOU SUCK!!!", and the credits with the song "Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag" from the 2006 film Borat playing in the background.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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