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the.html is a simple screamer webpage created by Yuri Kuznetsov (kuz) on April 24, 2023. Upon entering the page, it shows a black screen. The text "1.... 2.." can be seen as the page title. After a few seconds, a dark image of a half-pig half-man from SinisterScribbles' Twitter account pops up along with a scream, which is from the video "Unique Jumpscare sound effect" by Eric Randall.[1] After this, the website remains still. Due to modern browsers disabling autoplay, the scream does not play correctly for some.

The website was spread after an anonymous user, possibly an admin, made a post simply with the link. Afterwards, users looked to see more about the website, where it was uncovered where the image came from as well as some users believing that a white dot sometimes flashes at the top of the page.[2]




NOTE: The following page contains a screamer!




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